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Baking Hubby’s Birthday Chocolate Cake

By 28 January 2014 Food, Home Cooking, Life
Mary Berry's Baking Bible

Thursday is hubby’s birthday. He’s finally catching up with me. I’m only three months older but he does like to joke about how he’s my toy boy!

To help celebrate the occasion I’m baking him a cake. This year I’m making him a chocolate cake, his favourite. It’s got to be better than last year’s attempt. I must have used the wrong recipe because the cake ended up about 2cm thick and then I tried decorating it with ‘writing icing’ that was too runny so it looked like a child did it!

I’m using Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, which I got for my birthday. I’m hoping the recipe will be pretty foolproof. It was definitely really easy to follow. All the dry ingredients into the bowl, make a well, and then add all the wet ingredients before beating it all together. The batter tasted amazing. One of the best parts of baking is licking the spoon!

I’ve just got the two cakes out of the oven (it’s going to have four layers sandwiched with chocolate butter icing!) and they smell divine! The whole living area smells all warm and chocolatey. Icing and layering the cake is my job for tomorrow. I’ve also ordered a printed icing topper to finish the cake off. Hubby is 28 going on 8, so of course he wanted a Superman chocolate cake! If he had his way, the cake would be shaped like the logo. The estimated delivery date for the topper is his birthday so I’m hoping it does arrive in time so I can actually put it on the cake. Otherwise, it’ll be going on a half eaten cake!

Mary Berry's Death by Chocolate Cake recipe

prepared cake tins

Licking the spoon

Freshly baked cakes

Once the cake’s finished I’ll post a pic. I can’t wait to try it. 🙂


So here’s the finished cake! Unfortunately, the printed Superman icing to go on top hasn’t arrived. Luckily hubby was pleased with the cake anyway.

Finished Death by Chocolate Cake

What do you think?

Rachel x

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