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My Christmas Wishlist from Next

By 2 December 2014 Life, Lifestyle
Rachel Birchley's #NextmasWishlist 2014

It’s nearly Christmas everyone! Have you got your tree up yet? We haven’t as I want to try and tidy the house up as much as possible before we cover it in glittery stuff! My grandparents, auntie and cousin are coming for Sunday lunch so it’ll have to be done by then.

I love Christmas! Although now I’m no longer a child the day itself is a little bit of an anticlimax. Of course, except spending time with friends and family, one of the best things about the festive period is the giving and receiving of presents.

Before my birthday, my Nanna was asking me what I wanted for Christmas. But I had no idea. I think now I’m getting money but I’ve since thought of lots of things I’d like. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some bargains in the January sales.

I’ve been sifting through lots of gift guides and watching a few on YouTube, particularly FleurdeForce’s. Who else wants that handbag? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch her gift guide for her 🙂 As usual, Next have some lovely bits. Their candle votive set even featured in Fleur’s stocking filler guide.

As they’ve got such nice gifts (and there’s a prize at stake – see bottom of post!), I’ve created this Christmas wishlist.

1. Cream Stand Mixer

Stand mixer

I’ve wanted a stand mixer ever since I started watching cake baking tutorials on YouTube back when I was considering making my own wedding cake. (I didn’t do it – thank god!) However much I’d love a bright pink KitchenAid they’re over £400. This lovely one from Next is £99 so a bit of a bargain really.

2. Skyline Black Sparkle Jogger Pyjamas

Skyline Pjs

I love the legging style jammie bottoms because they keep my legs warmer. Plus these ones are just so cute! I adore glittery things and the print on the top is actually quite stylish, you could probably wear the top out and no-one would bat an eyelid.

3. GHD Wonderland Straighteners

GHD Wonderland

I have naturally wavy/curly hair and straightening it is a bitch. It takes me about 45 minutes. Part of me thinks that if I had GHDs the time would be reduced and my hair would stay straight for longer. My hairdresser uses them and gets a much better result than I ever can at home. Plus, these are gorgeous! I love the ombre/iridescent colour. Sadly, I don’t think anyone will ever buy me a pair of these 🙁

4. Cadbury’s Treasure Box

Cadbury box

Because chocolate. ‘Nuff said.

5. Berry Chelsea Boots

Berry Chelsea Boots

How gorgeous are these boots? I bought some black Clark’s boots for my birthday and I’ve barely taken them off since. It now looks like I’ve had them years. I could do with another pair of ankle boots so I can mix it up a bit. The berry colour of these is so lovely. They’d be perfect for autumn/winter wearing.


6. Beaverbrooks Silver Bow Earrings

Bow earrings

Last on my list is this pair of earrings. I’ve got lots of cheap pairs of earrings but not really any decent ones. I’ve had some nice ones in the past but I always seem to lose one of the pair! Usually when trying on clothes in shop changing rooms. These bow earrings are really cute and I really like them.


What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Rachel x

*This post forms my entry into the Next Blogger Network’s #NextmasWishlist competition*

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#BEDM – Gadget Wish List

By 7 May 2014 Folkestone, Life, Lifestyle
Gadget wish list

Today’s post is a wish list. If I was to win the lottery, these beauties would definitely be on my shopping list!

Dream Gadgets - Blog every day in May

One – 65″ Curved Ultra HD TV

I love these sleek, curved TVs! This one promises an ultra sharp picture and crisp colours. It would make all our Blu Ray discs look awesome. However at £4k, it’s not going to be in my living room any time soon.

Two – Gorgeous KitchenAid stand mixer

One day I will have one of these. The stand mixer represents the ultimate in kitchen convenience. How much easier would it be to bake if you don’t have to hold the hand mixer? Again, these a so expensive. So there won’t be one gracing my kitchen work top in the near future, more’s the pity. This white one would go nicely with my white kettle and toaster.

Three – iPad Air

Joining my list of dream gadgets that I can’t afford is the new iPad Air. I’ve lusted over iPads ever since they came out but I just can’t have one 🙁 I’ve had a hold of the iPad Air in the Apple Store and it’s so light compared with the older models. Very nice.

Four – Pink FITBIT Flex

Hooray! A gadget I could actually afford! Although at £80 I’m not sure I could justify the expense. I do love this pink colour though. I’d be particularly interested in working out how well I sleep. I can have 6.5 hours sleep and be knackered but have 8.5 and I don’t seem to feel much more lively. It would be cool to learn how much I actually need. I never seem to wake up refreshed unless it’s about 10am!

What’s on your gadget wish list?

Rachel x

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