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#BEDM – May The Fourth Be With You!

By 4 May 2014 Life, Lifestyle
BEDM Day 4

As today is 4th May, the Blog Every Day in May topic is Star Wars!

This leaves me in a bit of a pickle! Even though I have seen Star Wars, I’ve never actually seen it all the way through. Which many of my colleagues find hard to believe. The only thing I can really write about is the Star Tours ride at Disneyland Paris!

It’s a dated simulator ride but it’s still fantastic. The premise is that you’re going on holiday to another planet and you’re going to get in a Starspeeder space shuttle. Unfortunately, the captain, RX-24, isn’t a particularly good pilot and you end up in a comet cluster, caught in a Star Destroyers tractor beam and battling TIE fighers in an assault on the Death Star before hurtling back to the spaceport! It really feels like you’re flying through space and you get thrown about pretty well.

The one at Disneyland Paris is that last operating Star Tours ride; the ones in the other Disney theme parks around the world have all closed and been replaced with a newer version. The French ride has been there since the park opened in 1992. I wonder whether the ride in Paris will be replaced. I have to admit, this ride was better when I was 10 but it’s still good fun.

Star Tour ride at Disneyland Paris

Photo from Disneyland Paris website

I’m a big Disney fan. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris three times, and Walt Disney World in Orlando once. But we’re planning a trip to Florida for December 2016! It may be 2.5 years away but I’m still really excited! I’m already planning what we’re going to do. It’ll be hubby’s first time to America, and his first time to Disney!

How do you feel about Star Wars? Were you celebrating May the Fourth today?

Rachel x

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