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Rainy Weekend Roundup

By 26 January 2014 Life, Lifestyle
Rainy day Dolly Parton quote

This weekend has been quite the washout.  The sun has been nowhere to be seen and although it has been about 7 degrees it feels much colder.

I had no plans for the weekend and with the crappy weather nothing compelled me to leave the house so the only time we’ve been out is to Sainsbury’s for the ever so exciting weekly shop.  It’s hubby’s birthday on Thursday so I picked up all the necessary ingredients for his cake, including 3 (yes, 3!) bars of chocolate!  I’m baking him Mary Berry’s death by chocolate cake, with an added extra, which will be revealed on the day!

Yesterday I had a lovely hot shower and then put my onesie on, only taking it off when it was time to get into bed.  Our house is freezing when the heating’s not on, and not always that warm when it is!

Onsie day

The only productivity this rainy weekend was creating a February Wish List post that will be published next Saturday, painting my nails white and plucking my eyebrows in an attempt to create something resembling a decent brow.  However, years of over plucking means they don’t start as close to my nose as they should! I was using this post from Wonder Forest as inspiration but just can’t get my brows to that shape no matter how hard I try.

Once we got in from shopping today I made eggs florentine for brunch.  It was a little bit naughty but I was determined to use up the spinach in the fridge.  Why is it that using up one ingredient tends to require buying more!  I’d never even made hollandaise sauce before so I think I did a pretty good job.  It was pretty scrummy!

Eggs florentine

For the rest of today, I have no intention of leaving the comfort of my sofa, where I’m nestled under a blanket!  Can you blame me when this is the view out of the window?

Miserable view - rainy day

How was your weekend?

Rachel x

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