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Primark Home Bargains

By 24 January 2014 Home Styling, Lifestyle
Grey bedroom Primark bargains grey bed covers with lace print and white wicker heart, both for only £15! From

Today was finally pay day.  Phew!  This month has felt so long.  It seems like an age since Christmas.  To celebrate getting paid I took at little lunchtime excursion to Primark.

Nothing really took my fancy in the clothes section so I headed upstairs to the home department, where I came across these gorgeous bargains!  As you know, I’m planning on revamping my bedroom with a grey colour scheme, so when I saw these cute grey bed covers for £14 I was really pleased.  Having taken a peek at the price of some of the other king size bed cover sets, which were around £28, I think these were half price!  The original price had been removed and the new price was in pen on the label so I can only guess.

They are pretty plain with just a lace print across the top of the duvet cover and sides of the pillows but they’ll suit our new bedroom to a tee.  I really want it to be a pretty but restful room without alienating my husband!  I think grey’s a manly enough colour.  Hubby is obsessed with Superman.  If I can find a black and white print for the wall, I’m sure he’ll let me choose whatever I want for the decor!

The wicker heart was just £1.  It has a couple of black marks on it but I’ll just use a little Cif and I’m sure it’ll come off.  Either way, it’s supposed to be shabby chic so it only adds to the effect!  I’ll hang the heart on the wall somewhere.

I’m so happy with my Primark home bargains!  Have you used Primark for homewares?

Rachel x

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