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Are These the Cutest and Cheapest False Nails You’ve Ever Seen?

By 11 February 2014 Beauty, Lifestyle
Polka dot and cat false nails. Cheapest and cutest nails you've ever seen?

As you may have seen in my last post, I spotted probably the cutest false nails in Primark on Saturday.  As  I was scanning the small beauty section, on a mission to find Hello Kitty cosmetics, these little beauties begged me to take them home.  And at just £1, yes one lonely little pound, how could I say no?!

Cat face and polka dot false nails from Primark. Only £1!

I’d never applied fake nails before so had to read the instructions carefully but it turns out it’s pretty simple! Duh!  As you would imagine for a quid these aren’t exactly the best nails ever.  They don’t overly fit (perhaps I’m supposed to trim them?) and although it’s cute that the cat face nails are clear, you can see both my nail white and some nail glue through them.

But I’m really not complaining!  I’m loving them <3 <3

What do you reckon?  Have you seen cuter false nails?

Rachel x

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