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Valentine’s Gifts For People Who Don’t Do Valentine’s Day

By 5 February 2014 Life, Lifestyle
Valentine's Day gifts for people who don't do Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a bit like Marmite really.  Some love it while others hate it.  Over recent years, all the shops seem to have gone a bit doolally with Valentine’s gifts, decorations and various other bits and pieces that are only any good once a year.

However, I’ve succumbed.  Perhaps it’s all the American boards I follow on Pinterest and blogs I read, but I want to embrace Valentine’s Day.  Although I’ve got to try not to get excited as I’ll be lucky to get a card off hubby.  He’s not fond of the whole ‘enforced romance’ thing.

As many of us Brits aren’t too keen on the whole commercial Valentine’s Day thing I’ve decided to post a Valentine’s gift guide for people who don’t do Valentine’s Day.  No soppyness allowed!  And not a heart in sight!


Never forget wooden keyring from

This is brilliant!  This keyring is perfect for any bloke who’s no good at remembering dates.  Have your anniversary engraved on this keyring so he’ll never forget again!  Plus it’s from my favourite website, I’ve been so pleased with everything I’ve bought from here, which includes a number of gifts for our wedding party and my grandad’s 80th birthday present.

The Man Box - meat, pork scratching, chutney and beer in a box.

Another gift from Notonthehighstreet.  This one’s right up my hubby’s street, although I’d not spend £25 on it! The Man Box, with beer, meat, pork scratchings and chutney.  What more could a man ask for?

Grey touchscreen gloves with red bows from ASOS

Pretty and practical.  It’s still so cold outside so these lovely gloves with a cute red bow would be a gorgeous gift on Valentine’s Day.  They can be used with touchscreens too so no need to get numb fingers while texting.

Knit your own boyfriend book from ASOS

For the singletons this Valentine’s Day. Knit your own boyfriend with the help of this handy book! Choose what he looks like and you can even knit little outfits for him.  Bless!

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?  What would be your perfect present?

Rachel x


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