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#BEDM – Gadget Wish List

By 7 May 2014 Folkestone, Life, Lifestyle
Gadget wish list

Today’s post is a wish list. If I was to win the lottery, these beauties would definitely be on my shopping list!

Dream Gadgets - Blog every day in May

One – 65″ Curved Ultra HD TV

I love these sleek, curved TVs! This one promises an ultra sharp picture and crisp colours. It would make all our Blu Ray discs look awesome. However at £4k, it’s not going to be in my living room any time soon.

Two – Gorgeous KitchenAid stand mixer

One day I will have one of these. The stand mixer represents the ultimate in kitchen convenience. How much easier would it be to bake if you don’t have to hold the hand mixer? Again, these a so expensive. So there won’t be one gracing my kitchen work top in the near future, more’s the pity. This white one would go nicely with my white kettle and toaster.

Three – iPad Air

Joining my list of dream gadgets that I can’t afford is the new iPad Air. I’ve lusted over iPads ever since they came out but I just can’t have one 🙁 I’ve had a hold of the iPad Air in the Apple Store and it’s so light compared with the older models. Very nice.

Four – Pink FITBIT Flex

Hooray! A gadget I could actually afford! Although at £80 I’m not sure I could justify the expense. I do love this pink colour though. I’d be particularly interested in working out how well I sleep. I can have 6.5 hours sleep and be knackered but have 8.5 and I don’t seem to feel much more lively. It would be cool to learn how much I actually need. I never seem to wake up refreshed unless it’s about 10am!

What’s on your gadget wish list?

Rachel x

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