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Friday Photo #4

By 14 March 2014 Australia, Photography
Friday Photo series of blog posts.

This week’s Friday photo is influenced by today’s #FriFotos tag on Twitter: edge. This is me in 2008 up the Sydney Tower Eye (was called the Sky Tower) on the Skywalk experience.

I donned this fetching jumpsuit, attached myself to the safety wire and walked around the outside of the building, 268m above the streets below. The best bit is walking out onto the glass platform, which when the guide presses the button, extends out over the edge of the building! There’s nothing between you, the platform and the floor a long way below. It was brilliant!

Check out the stunning view!

This is me on the Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk.
This is me on the Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk. I'm high above the city streets with Sydney harbour behind me.

For more pics, etc, take a look at my post all about the Sydney Sky Tower.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? A friend and colleague is celebrating his 40th birthday so hubby and I will be going out for a drink or two to help him drown his sorrows!

Rachel x

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Friday Photo #3

By 7 March 2014 New Zealand, Photography
Friday Photo series of blog posts.

It’s time for another Friday Photo.  I swear the weeks are getting shorter and shorter.  My life seems to be disappearing before my eyes!

Wai O Tapu Champagne Pool Rotorua, New Zealand.

This is the Champagne Pool at Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland near Rotorua in New Zealand.

The name is derived from the abundance of CO2 gas, just like a glass of bubbly.  The water is pretty damn hot, you can see the steam rising.  The pool is filled from a geothermal hot spring.  It may look lovely, but the smell was not as nice!  The geothermal activity emits a lot of sulphur so the whole area smells like less than fresh eggs.  Even in the town of Rotorua itself it’s pretty stinky; it took some getting used to.

Have a good weekend!  What have you got planned?

Rachel x

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