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#BEDM – What is the Best Thing About Being an Adult?

By 19 May 2014 Life, Lifestyle
Rachel and Marc Birchley wedding photo on the beach

Today’s Blog Every Day in May topic is a pretty tough question pretending to be easy! I started thinking about what I think is great about being a grown up and the first thing I thought of was being able to do what I want!

But actually, this quickly spirals into a complex philosophical argument that my sister could talk for hours on. (She’s studying philosophy at university.) As children, we long to grow up so that we can do what we want, without our parents  ‘controlling’ our lives. As it turns out, you can’t do what you want because society doesn’t work like that.

There are rules to abide by both in term of legislation and the norms of society. I’d love to wake up in the morning and say, do you know what, I don’t fancy going into work today. I think I’ll just stay at home and watch daytime telly. Unfortunately, I can’t do that; I don’t think my boss would be too pleased. I could choose never to go to work but how would I pay the bills? How would we keep the roof over our heads?

We do have, at least, some element of control over our lives. I can decide what I wear without Mum buying all my clothes. I spent most of the 90s in patterned leggings and matching t shirts. I can assure you it was very fetching!

If I wanted to, I could stay up all night. I could go to a nightclub, get outrageously drunk and stagger home at 5am. Neither of these things are particularly likely since I’m 28 years old and if I try and stay up after about 2am I start craving my lovely bed! I’ve started to find myself falling asleep on the sofa. Last Friday, I fell asleep during Alan Carr Chatty Man!

I think the best thing about being an adult is that I get to live with my husband. We get to have lovely weekends together going to places such as Leeds Castle, and we go on holidays in our tent. Another great thing about being a grown up is that I get to have this blog!

Being a grown up…

Cooling off with my feet in the paddling pool.

I bought a kids’ paddling pool specifically to dip my feet into to cool off while sitting in the garden with a book.

Bristol Aquarium seahorses

I crawled into here to get a 360 degree view of the seahorse tank from the  inside. I had to leave because a 3 year old wanted a turn.

On the zip line

Who said play areas are for kids? This is Aquarev in Loudeac, near my parents’ house.

What’s your favourite thing about being an adult?

Rachel x

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#BEDM – Leeds Castle Supercar Siege

By 18 May 2014 Kent, Life, Lifestyle, Travel
Leeds Castle Supercar Siege - Caterhams with the castle in the background

We’ve been meaning to go to Leeds Castle for about a year now. Last year it just never happened. Then, on our drive back from Bristol, we passed the castle. I turned to hubby and said, “We really must go to Leeds Castle at some point.” To which he responded, “How do you know I’m not already planning a day out?”

Well, a week later I was invited to look at the printer, and sitting there were two tickets to Leeds Castle! Hubby chose to coincide our visit with the Supercar Siege, basically a car show. What’s cool is that today also coincides with the ‘museum’ prompt for #BEDM (Blog Every Day in May) so I can tell you about our day out without veering away from the today’s topic.

Of course, the day we booked to go is the hottest day of the year so far! The queue into the car park started about a mile away.

The castle is set in such beautiful grounds; it was lovely to walk around in the sunshine. Leeds Castle has undergone much transformation in it’s 1000 year history. The first stone castle was built in the 12th century on the site of a Saxon manor. Throughout the ages, Leeds Castle has been home to Normans, Tudor kings and queens, and private owners. The most recent resident, Lady Baillie, died in 1974, leaving the castle to be managed by the Leeds Castle Foundation as a tourist attraction.

Leeds Castle, near Maidstone, Kent

After a scrummy picnic on the grass we gawped at all the cars! Hubby’s a big car fan and I can appreciate the good looks.

Supercars at Leeds Castle

We had a brilliant day, even though we got lost in the maze for about half an hour and got sunburnt because we forgot to put sun cream on!

How was your weekend?

Rachel x

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#BEDM – Weekend Away in Bristol

By 17 May 2014 Bristol, Life, Lifestyle, Travel, United Kingdom
Bristol waterfront

I’m deviating from the Blog Every Day in May prompt today to write about my weekend in Bristol. At the end of April it was hubby and I’s first wedding anniversary. To celebrate we decided to treat ourselves to a city break and after much deliberation we chose Bristol as our destination. I think we made a pretty good choice!

We arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and because our hotel was in the centre of the city we had to negotiate the traffic. It was rammed! We managed to find the hotel with me only directing us through one No Entry sign.

Our hotel was lovely. The Grand is a Thistle hotel and right in the heart of Bristol. We booked a king room and found the biggest bed ever! We have a kingsize bed at home but this one must have been super king. It was awesome! Both hubby and I could stretch out without encroaching on the other’s room. Lovely.

Here’s our room (I was hanging our clothes up while hubby was helping taking by pictures):
Standard king room at The Grand hotel Bristol by Thistle

Once we’d got settled we headed out of the hotel to explore the city. We ended up in the Shopping Quarter, which was fine by be! Cabot Circus is pretty cool and then we spent a while in the massive Primark. I bought the mint green cardigan that I’m wearing in the top left picture below.

Sunday we were up early and gorged ourselves on the hotel breakfast! The weather wasn’t brilliant but we managed to have a wander around the old city, found the cathedral and explored the waterfront before heading to the aquarium and M Shed. This collage shows you some of the highlights of our visit.

Weekend away in Bristol Collage

Have you ever been to Bristol? I really recommend it. There’s a great vibe and I reckon it would be a fab place to live.

Rachel x

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#BEDM – A Day in the Life of…Me!

By 16 May 2014 General, Life, Lifestyle
A Day in the Life Collage

So today’s topic is pretty safe explanatory: a day in the life. It was suggested that we take a photo on the hour, every hour but when busy at work that’s pretty impractical. However, I did take a few photos during the day, so here goes!

This is me before going out the door to work. I’m am not a morning person. How tired do I look?
Before work

This is my desk! Do you like my desktop wallpaper? I love mini pigs <3
My desk

At lunchtime I decided to pop out for a wander. I get really cold when I’m sitting still so getting some exercise really helps me to warm up.
Castle Hill Avenue

Popping out at lunchtime

I walked to The Leas where this is the lovely view over the beach and out to sea. When it’s a lovely day like it was today we could almost be on the Med!
Mermaid Beach, Folkestone

Lunchtime walk, The Leas, Folkestone

I decided to check out Folkestone’s newest cafe, Follies. It pretty cool in there. Not only do they do hot drinks and cakes but they have a lunch menu and most of the decor is for sale! I ordered a latte and it came in a glass, just like in Australia.
Cheeky coffee at Follies

After work I hung out in the office for a bit with my friends enjoying a cold beer, which I’m trying to teach myself to like.
Post work beer

Having made lamb burgers with halloumi and salad for dinner (sorry no pic – I was hungry!) I’m now sat on the sofa writing my blog. Hubby has just watched his programme, Marvel Agents of Shield.
About to get blogging

Tomorrow, we’re clearing the garden but hopefully that will involve some sitting in it enjoying the promised sunshine! Our garden’s a bit of a sun trap 🙂

How was your day?

Rachel x

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#BEDM – Blog Chat – Why I Blog

By 15 May 2014 Life, Lifestyle

The topic for today is ‘Blog Chat’. So I thought I’d blog about why I blog.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. When I was 15 I wrote a ‘book’. I don’t think it was very good but it filled two exercise books! My friends were very polite when they read it. I suppose writing is kind of like talking. And a lot of people will tell you I’m pretty good at that!

I first starting blogging when I did my round the world trip back in 2007/2008. It was more of a diary so my parents still knew I was alive really. The posts weren’t very coherent and were mainly just streams of thought, very rambling ones! Mum pointed out that my spelling was atrocious. I think I’ve improved on that front, at least a little.

Once I got back, I didn’t touch the blog again. Then in 2012, I was trying to break into digital marketing and met with the owner of a search agency. He said that I should get into blogging to show prospective employers what I can do. And it worked! I started my travel blog, The Humble Tourist in June and in October I was embarking on my career as a Content Marketing Executive. All without the supposedly prerequisite degree in marketing.

I kept on blogging because I was enjoying it but I ran out of old travel stories to tell and it became harder and harder to think of new content ideas. I didn’t want to let all my hard work go to waste so in January of this year, I decided to take a new turn a launch this lifestyle blog.

I blog from my sofa

The best thing about being a lifestyle blogger is that I can write about whatever I like! I don’t have to worry about sticking to travel and I simply write to please myself. I’d like to think that I have one or two readers who enjoy the little insight into my life.

It’s fun to think that I have this little corner of the internet all to myself. I love the blogging community as everyone seems so nice and supportive. I really want to meet some bloggers. I’m really bad at the whole networking/mingling thing though! Being faced with a crowd of strangers is really intimidating. I’m determined to put myself out of my comfort zone so I’m going to Blogstock! It’s the first blogging festival and is taking place on 8th and 9th August near Elstree, Hertfordshire. I’m so looking forward to meeting other bloggers from all niches and learning something along the way.

Do you blog? If so, why? If you don’t blog, why not? It’s great fun!

Rachel x

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