SEMrush Content Marathon – Assignment Three

By 26 June 2019 Fiction

Today’s task is all about character development. Here’s a letter written from the perspective of the main character in my short story The Secret that I wrote for yesterday’s assignment.


Dear Beth

Long time no see! I hope you’re doing well. It’s been a bit of a crazy year for me.

Graham lost his job last month. It came as a huge blow to both of us. The swine didn’t tell me anything until after it happened. Turns out there’d been a merger at the bank and he’d had to reapply for his job. He says he didn’t want to worry me! Men, eh?

Paying the mortgage has been a bit of a struggle. We’ve had to really cut back and I’m hating it to be honest. I might even have to go and get a ‘proper’ job soon – his words. He has no idea how much I enjoy my part-time job at the salon, especially since I passed my level three. I might have to find myself a new husband – hahaha!

Sadly, I’m only partly joking. It hadn’t been going well even before Graham lost his job but now he’s so down it’s really hard to keep this marriage going. I know I can tell you this in confidence, Beth. I’ve been unhappy with Graham for so long now. But how can I knock him when he’s already down? Plus, Mum and Dad would never speak to me again if I get a divorce; they’d be ashamed of me. I’ll just have to carry on as if everything’s ok.

Let’s catch up soon, ok? Sorry to just dump this on you. It would be great to chat in person. Let me know when you’re free.

Take care,

Emily xxx

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