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By 26 January 2015 Home Styling, Lifestyle
Girl typing on keyboard

As I type I’m stretched out on the sofa, under a blanket, kind of watching A Place in the Sun and kind of concentrating on what I’m doing. I can’t help but think I’ll be more productive if I had an office.

Up until June last year, my sister was living with us. She’s moved out but some of her furniture is still in our spare room. Add to that our camping equipment and the washing airer and our second bedroom is getting a little full. However, there is a desk in there and I reckon I can shift hubby’s DJ mixer thingy and laptop and reclaim the desk for my use.

It won’t be a full blown home office because the room is still going to be multi purpose. I’ll still have to share it with the clutter and the washing but at least I’ll be able to close the door, put some music on and knuckle down to some serious blogging. Hopefully it’ll be more productive than sitting on the sofa in front of the tv where it’s so easy to get distracted. Especially when hubby’s playing COD and keeps wanting to show me things. He doesn’t seem to understand that Xbox isn’t a spectator sport!

I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to have a desk in a proper guest room rather than a room filled with junk! But I’ve found that Wilko do screens that I believe could be the perfect antidote. Although they’re £75, so not the cheapest option. Maybe I should just tidy up.

Because I’ve been planning my home office for a while I’ve created this Pinterest board:

Follow Rachel Birchley’s board Home Office on Pinterest.

My spare room is painted pale blue with blue carpet. I reckon I’ll get a rug or something and put some pictures up. I really like the inspirational quote prints on TheEverygirl but they don’t ship to the UK.

Even if I successfully hide all the crap in the room, make my desk nice and put all the gorgeous pictures up I want, there’s still one problem. Superman curtains….

The spare room was supposed to get turned into hubby’s man cave. I don’t think he’d be very happy if I took them down. Oh well.

So if I’m going to set up my perfect workspace what do I need? What are your home office must haves? Please leave a comment below!

Rachel x

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Santorini Inspired Garden

By 17 June 2014 Home Styling, Lifestyle

Yesterday my friend stumbled across a competition to win £1000 in John Lewis vouchers on Love Chic Living. I love all John Lewis things, which is why we hosted our wedding gift list there, so I had to take part. Who wouldn’t want a grand to spend in a department store?

So the idea with this competition is to choose a destination from Cunard’s Mediterranean ports of call and create a Pinterest board that represents that destination. I’ve chosen Santorini as it’s a beautiful Greek island that I’ve always wanted to visit. To me, Santorini is synonymous with white washed buildings, colourful accents and that stunning bright blue backdrop of the sea and sky.

My garden is boring
This is my garden. It's pretty boring.

I’d love to channel a little bit of Greece into my little corner of Kent. So check our my Pinterest board for my Santorini inspired garden:

Follow Rachel Birchley’s board Santorini Inspired Interiors on Pinterest.

I’ve chosen images that, for me, sum up Santorini. Even though I’d like to have my garden inspired by Santorini, a lot of the images are interiors. But, because I have a roof terrace with no soft landscaping, actually there’s no reason why I can’t recreate some of those interiors on the exterior.

I love the whitewashed look but with the splash of colour. I’ve always been a fan of colour and tend to shy away from white. But I’m up for trying something different. I could paint the walls white, paint the fence white and then add gorgeous colourful plants in terracotta pots and pop in some colourful garden furniture.

Oooh! *lightbulb moment* I wonder if I could put up a trellis and grow pretty pink bourganvilla up the wall…

So I hope you like my Santorini inspired garden. If you can’t go to Greece why not bring Greece to you, eh?

Now if only I could work out how to get that stunning sea view…

If you could channel a destination in your home or garden, where would you choose?

Rachel x

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#BEDM – Home Sweet Home

By 14 May 2014 Home Styling, Life, Lifestyle
Folkestone waves crashing on beach

The Blog Every Day in May prompt for today is ‘home sweet home’. So here’s a sneaky peek into my humble abode.

Home Sweet Home

I live in Folkestone, only about a 10 minute stroll through the town centre to the sea. The picture at the top of this post is the beach on a rather windy day! My house was built around 1880 so it’s got wonky walls and wonky floors. It’s nigh on impossible to find somewhere flat to put the dining table and don’t even talk about the fridge freezer!

We rent our house but we’re allowed to decorate which has meant we’ve been able to put our own stamp on the place. I painted the living room while suffering from a bad cold a week before my hen do! I was having a corsage making workshop in the house and started decorated before I was poorly so I ended up having to finish it while feeling like death warmed up. But it was worth it to get rid of the red walls.

We’re planning on re-decorating the bedroom soon. I only did it a couple of years ago but we’ve got a sloped ceiling with the window (and it’s a small one at that) on the short wall. This means the bedroom’s really dark and can be a bit gloomy. It’s currently all cream/off-white except for a feature wall, where the bed is, that’s metallic pink but I’m going to cover that up with a light grey. I’m hoping that the lighter colour will reflect the light a little and make the room brighter. It can’t be worse than how it was when I first moved in with hubby. The bottom half of the walls were purple and the top orange with a fetching border around the middle! Not his taste, I might add! It was inherited from the previous tenants.

My sister’s currently living in the spare room but she’s moving to be closer to uni in a couple of months. We’re going to turn the room into a man cave / guest room. Basically it’s going to be a room where hubby can cover the walls in his Superman fan-boy paraphernalia without me complaining! We’re going to get a second hand sofa bed so we can put my parents up when they come over from their home in France. Take a look at my Pinterest board to see what I’m planning.

Basically, I think this house will always be a work in progress. It takes me so long to finish decorating that it’s time to do it again! We don’t want to spend too much as it’s not our house, but it is our home so we want it to be comfy and homely. We’re hoping to move out in a few years but we’ll most likely have to continue renting unless we suddenly win the lottery! *Fingers crossed!*

What’s your home like?

Rachel x

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Primark Home Bargains

By 24 January 2014 Home Styling, Lifestyle
Grey bedroom Primark bargains grey bed covers with lace print and white wicker heart, both for only £15! From

Today was finally pay day.  Phew!  This month has felt so long.  It seems like an age since Christmas.  To celebrate getting paid I took at little lunchtime excursion to Primark.

Nothing really took my fancy in the clothes section so I headed upstairs to the home department, where I came across these gorgeous bargains!  As you know, I’m planning on revamping my bedroom with a grey colour scheme, so when I saw these cute grey bed covers for £14 I was really pleased.  Having taken a peek at the price of some of the other king size bed cover sets, which were around £28, I think these were half price!  The original price had been removed and the new price was in pen on the label so I can only guess.

They are pretty plain with just a lace print across the top of the duvet cover and sides of the pillows but they’ll suit our new bedroom to a tee.  I really want it to be a pretty but restful room without alienating my husband!  I think grey’s a manly enough colour.  Hubby is obsessed with Superman.  If I can find a black and white print for the wall, I’m sure he’ll let me choose whatever I want for the decor!

The wicker heart was just £1.  It has a couple of black marks on it but I’ll just use a little Cif and I’m sure it’ll come off.  Either way, it’s supposed to be shabby chic so it only adds to the effect!  I’ll hang the heart on the wall somewhere.

I’m so happy with my Primark home bargains!  Have you used Primark for homewares?

Rachel x

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Every Cloud (or Bedroom) has a Silver Lining

By 19 January 2014 Home Styling, Lifestyle
Every cloud (or bedroom) has a silver lining

To give you a bit of background, our house was built in the 1890’s and it’s on 3 floors, a bit like a townhouse because the ground floor only houses the bathroom. On the first floor is the kitchen/diner and lounge, upstairs are two bedrooms and a loo.

My husband moved in here 3 and a half years ago, and I moved in 5 months later. The previous tenants had a penchant for bright colours and we’ve gradually been adding our own style but without any real plan. The kitchen/diner is starting to take shape, the living room is getting there but the bedroom needs help!

I decorated the bedroom in February 2011 because we just had to get rid of the orange and purple. Yes! Orange and purple, with a border round the middle of the room. It was pretty hideous. I painted the walls and ceiling (which slopes) all the same cream colour (B&Q Satin Emulsion in Rice Cake), with a metallic dark pink feature wall behind the bed. We have a combination of black, pink and grey bed covers and used to have black and pink curtains. A couple of months ago we took advantage of the sale at Ponden Home and found some lovely silver curtains. Also in the sale, we picked up a bedding set that’s white with a black bird cage print, which I love!

We desperately need new furniture as what we have is a mix match of charity shop, childhood remnants and ASDA Smartprice. Not a good look. We have a broken drawer from one chest of drawers sitting on top of another, still filled with jumpers, and my wedding dress is in it’s protective bag, less than attractively draped across the top! I say we need more storage, my husband says I need less clothes. I think we’ll have to meet in the middle! A good clear out is definitely in order.

Grey bedroom inspiration

I was browsing the home tours on The Everygirl and came across Danielle Moss’ Chicago apartment tour.

Danielle Moss's bedroom in her Chicago apartment. From The Everygirl.
I love her grey and metallic bedroom. I really love these tones and have decided on a silver grey colour scheme for our own bedroom, which will mean we can make use of the existing curtains. I’ll keep the cream walls but either paint the pink wall cream or cover it with wall paper, so we can keep the feature wall. I’ve seen some lovely silver wallpaper in Next.

Here’s my inspiration so far…
Grey Bedroom Inspiration Collage

See my Housey Things Pinterest board to see where I’ve pinned the images from.


What do you think?

I’m hoping it will be contemporary yet restful and it’s not too feminine, which will please my husband!  I might get away with the odd ruffle or two.

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