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#BEDM – Out of the Comfort Zone – Festival OOTD

By 22 May 2014 Fashion, Lifestyle

Today, Rosalilium has challenged us to go out of our comfort zones as part of Blog Every Day in May. The timing was perfect because I’d just been contacted by New Look, asking if I would like to style some summer fashion items. So I’m posted my first (and possibly only!) OOTD!

Festival style summer look

OOTD - Denim shorts dungarees from New Look, t shirt from Primark, old mules from Next, sunglasses from Specsavers, flower headband from New Look worn as bracelet.

I’ve been craving a pair of dungarees for months! I think it’s because they remind me of my childhood. I had a pair of white denim dungarees back in about 1995. I knew the time would come that the clothes of my youth would come back into fashion but I didn’t think it would be so soon! I love these shorts dungarees because they’re perfect for summer and I’m planning on taking them to Blogstock 2014, the first blogging festival! Then I can just take a couple of t shirts and accessories to change up my look over the course of the weekend. The shorts do come up a little short for my liking. Weirdly, they looked longer on the model pictured online but then they’re a little tighter on me! I’m thinking of taking down the roll-ups and adding a broderie anglais trim to lengthen them a couple of inches.

I’m also wearing a bargain t shirt from Primark. I love their £3 t shirt table! This one says ‘I left my heart in this city’ on the front, which I think is really fitting for someone who loves travel, like me. It has twisted slightly in the wash but for the price I’m not complaining!

The mules / sandals, whatever you call them, are old and from Next.

Flower headband from New Look worn as bracelet.

To complete my festival style outfit I chose a flower headband. Unfortunately, I think it looks a little bit silly on my head, so I wrapped it around my wrist to wear as a cute bracelet. What do you think?

Wearing shorts dungarees at Leeds Castle

I didn’t just wear this outfit to have my photo taken in the garden, oh no! I wore it all day at Leeds Castle. Apart from the sandals, because they’re not very comfy to walk in. I swapped them for my trusty and holey Converse.

Lillies in the garden

I couldn’t resist adding in a pic of my lovely lillies growing in my garden. 🙂 They’re so pretty!

Shop this look

Blue denim shorts dungarees
Flower headband

If you’re going to a festival this summer, take a look at New Look’s festival shop.

If you’re a blogger, you should really consider coming to Blogstock! I promise I’ve not been paid to say this, but I think it’s going to be epic! The tickets are very reasonably priced, cheaper than many one day blogger conferences, and it’s a two day festival in a country park in Hertfordshire. I’m going on my own so it would be great to find some fellow solo attendees to camp near so I’m not such a billy no mates.

Rachel x

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#BEDM – Primark Wish List for the Summer

By 13 May 2014 Fashion, Life, Lifestyle

I don’t know about you but I seem to be checking the Primark website at least weekly to look at what’s new. What does tend to annoy me is that I can never find anything off there actually in my local shop. Grr!!

So here’s my wishlist for the summer, if it ever turns up of course! I’m praying for some warm sunshine.

Primark Wish List May 13th

I’m loving the dungarees this season! I’ve not actually bought any yet as I’ve not been brave enough but I’m totally feeling the shorts dungarees for the summer. I think they’d be great festival wear (I’m going to the first blogging festival, Blogstock, in August) and I wouldn’t have to worry about flashing my belly to strangers! These pink dungarees from Primark are really cute and I love that they’ve combined them with the My Little Pony t shirt. The pastel trend is really pretty.

To go with the dungarees, I love these jelly sandals. They’re cute and versatile plus, because they’re plastic, if you get dirty you can just give them a wash!

In the top corner is the ivory batwing top I’ve been hunting for for ages. But I’ve never seen it actually in Primark. I think it’s really pretty and would go well with jeans and shorts when the weather’s warm enough. If I find it, I’ll be buying it.

I had to add a few home items into my Primark wish list. The black photo frame would be perfect for our bedroom; we’re going for a grey/silver colour scheme. The black would look really cool on our white furniture that we’re planning on buying from Ikea.

And last but not least, I spotted this watermelon candle that reminded me on one of my favourite films, Dirty Dancing.

“I carried a watermelon.”

Have you got your eye on anything from Primark this summer?

Rachel x

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February Bargains in Primark

By 8 February 2014 Fashion, Life, Lifestyle
Primark bargains collage Feb 8th

Hello lovely people! How are we on this wet and blustery Saturday? This morning was actually quite sunny until suddenly it grew dark and the heavens opened! 5 minutes later and you wouldn’t even have known that it had rained. Hubby and I popped into town between the rain this afternoon. I was inspired by Becky’s latest post on her blog, Milk Bubble Tea, to check out Primark to see what bargains could be found. I love the necklace featured in her post, and actually found it today but unfortunately each one was scuffed, and although it’s only £3 I didn’t want a scratched necklace.

Instead, I found a few bargains of my own.

Primark Bargains 8th Feb
This cute jumper is a lovely light coral colour and was reduced from £8 to just £5.90! I just had to have it. The polka dot shower cap is so much fun. My hair takes so long to dry that I don’t wash it every day and it’s nigh on impossible to stop it from getting wet in the shower. I also hope it’ll come in handy for when I straighten my hair and don’t want my hair to go all frizzy! Plus I look super awesome and hot when wearing it! Ha ha!

Cat and polka dot fashion nails
Cat face and polka dot false nails from Primark. Only £1!
I’ve never actually either bought or worn false nails before. I’ve always been lucky enough to have pretty good natural nails so have never really thought about. However, when I saw these amazing fashion nails in Primark I fell in love. They are just adorable, and such as bargain for £1. I was actually looking in the beauty section for Hello Kitty cosmetics but, alas, they’re not stocked in my local store. I might have to venture to one of their flagship stores in Westwood Cross.

P.S. Love Lipstick from Primark

Primark Lipstick Swatch Pink Shimmer

Me with pink shimmery lipstick
This cute, shimmery lipstick was also only £1. Totally loving the bargains today! I’m not too sure about the texture as it seems a bit to thick, and it smells sweet, like flavoured lip balm. There’s not much colour to the lip stick, as you can see in the swatch but it’s glittery so would be cool for a fun look. I don’t normally wear lipstick, but I might give this a go when going out in the evening.

After spending less than a tenner in ladieswear, I dragged hubby around menswear to try and find him something, but there wasn’t really anything he wanted. I always feel guilty when I buy things for myself but hubby doesn’t get anything.

I wish I could go shopping every Saturday! But I just bought a new laptop, which I’m loving by the way, so I’ve got to pay for that.

Hope everyone else had a good Saturday. What did you get up to?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂

Rachel x

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February Wish List

By 1 February 2014 Fashion, Lifestyle
Wish List

So we made it through the dismal month of January in one piece.  Yay!  I know it’s definitely still winter but I am so looking forward to spring.  Not only will it be warmer *fingers crossed!* but the days will be longer.  I really don’t like walking home from work in the dark.

Spring heralds the growth of flowers and tree blossom.  No more dreary, barren trees and muddy grass.  I can’t wait!

I’ve found some gorgeous bits and pieces that would definitely make welcome additions to my wardrobe.  All but the bag and boots are doable; they are definitely “wish list” only items unfortunately.  However much I love the Cambridge Satchel Company satchels I really cannot stretch to £115!

February Wish List coral heart jumper, bird print top, floral jeans, pink satchel, sand boots.

  1. Coral loop knit heart jumper from George at ASDA £12
  2. Moda Bird print scalloped hem top from George at ASDA £10
  3. Blue floral print supersoft skinny jeans from New Look £22.99
  4. Cambridge Satchel Company  leather satchel exclusive to Asos £115
  5. Wide fit stone leather dotted panel ankle boots from New Look £54.99

Are you looking forward to spring?  What do you plan to add to your wardrobe for the new season?

Rachel x

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