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Rachel BirchleyI’m Rachel Birchley

I am 30 and live in Folkestone, Kent, with my husband. Monday to Friday, I work as a senior marketing executive in the corporate world. When I’m not at my day job, I am working as a content and social media consultant as Business Glitter.

Business Glitter

Business Glitter gives me the opportunity to put my skills to good use and help female solopreneurs with their businesses. I run one-to-one, group and online training sessions on content and social media, as well as bespoke coaching packages.

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty is an online resource for women hurtling towards 30 and wondering how to stop dreaming and start living their lives. Having to be an adult isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Suddenly it feels like you’re supposed to know where you’re headed and how to be a grown up.

The articles on Chapter Thirty cover money, homes, careers, travel and lifestyle. I’m always looking for contributors.

The blog here on started out as The Humble Tourist, which I created to blog about my travels and launch my career in content marketing. Once I stopped travelling, I moved the blog over to this website where it became a lifestyle blog.

Kent Foodies

The Kent Foodies Twitter account exists to help promote local restaurants and produce. Kentish eateries can tweet using #kentfoodies for a retweet.

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Unless otherwise credited, all photography is my own. I only use other people’s photos if I’ve not something suitable of my own. Please don’t use my photographs without my permission.